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Our Infrastructure

We have fleet of mechanized fishing trawlers which do the fishing in Indian Ocean, different River and Lakes. These trawlers provide us fresh, high quality and various types of fish continuously. Our Trawler crew is well trained and use various modern fishing techniques. Our trawlers are equipped with latest devices and equipments. We also do the sourcing of fresh and quality seafood/fish directly from various fish landing centers (ports) in and around South-Eastern Coastal Area.

Once the stock arrives at our processing center our next process of cleaning and sorting starts immediately. We do take utmost care in cleaning the fish thoroughly and maintain highest standard of hygiene level. Once the fish is cleaned properly then we do the cutting as per standard sizes or as per any specific requirement by the customers.

We use the export quality food grade containers for packaging of seafood/fish. We do take utmost care in packaging of seafood/fish to maintain hygiene, freshness and quality.

Our delivery partners are very prompt in delivering seafood/fish at your doorstep in the fastest possible time. Please refer our delivery and packaging link for more information. Our customer care unit/team is always there to help and serve you at the best possible manner. We always try our level best to enhance your shopping experience with us and give you true value for money.