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Dry Prawns - 1pkt


Prawn / Golda Chingri / Jinga / Scampi (Large - 8 to 10 pcs/kg ) - per kg

Chilka Spl - Tiger Prawn / Bagda Chingri - (Medium size) -per kg

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  • It can be found in the culture pond in Andhra Pradesh. Taste is normal......

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Chilka Spl -  Tiger Prawns

Prawns are an excellent source of high-quality protein and several important vitamins and minerals that support your good health. Prawns are low in calories and contain no carbohydrates. Although the cholesterol content of prawns is significant, these shellfish also contain heart-healthy, omega-3 fatty acids including about 50% EPA and 50% DHA.

Prawns provide you with significant amounts of vitamins B-12, B-6 and niacin. These vitamins aid your body in producing energy, manufacturing red blood cells and maintaining normal nerve function. Prawns are rich in iron, a mineral your body requires to produce red blood cells and oxygen-carrying muscle proteins.

Shrimp contains 220 milligrams of cholesterol contained in a 4-ounce, list for persons wanting to minimize their dietary intake of cholesterol can avoid this often in your diet. Product weighed before cleaning and cutting. Net weight will be lower at the time of delivery because of cleaning and Processing weight loss.

Nutritional Value

Other important minerals in prawns include zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium and phosphorus. Zinc and selenium promote healthy functioning of your immune system. Magnesium, phosphorus and copper aid in numerous metabolic processes and help you maintain strong bones.

  • Whole / Uncleaned: Fresh and uncleaned shrimp as whole .
  •  Headless with Peeled and de-veined (PD) : Head and external shell are removed from the shrimp, Peeled and de-veined product., from the peeled shrimp the digestive gland is also removed in order to ensure the maximum quality.
  • Head on with PD:  External shell is removed, Peeled and de-veined product., from the peeled shrimp the digestive gland is also removed. 
  • Tell on with PD: Head and external shell are removed from the shrimp, digestive gland is also removed. 



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